Pompeii and Herculaneum

The tour in Pompeii and Herculaneum have a special charm given by the history of a civilization of the past that our society has so much data. Visit these two archaeological poles, the most famous in the world, it means making a real journey through time, walking through the streets and squares of the Roman era, to enter their homes, staying already so surprised by the modern habits .

Pompeii, perhaps the first cosmopolitan metropolis of antiquity. The eruption of 79 AD. C. has done nothing but make eternal its charm, still largely hidden. Indeed, despite the considerable size of the archaeological site there are still several areas and then who knows how many hidden treasures to unearth. Visiting Pompeii is like walking into history feeling part. The streets, the domus, the Forum, the bakeries, the brothel and even spas, theaters, gym, church, altars tell the story of Pompeii, its people and that drama that swept away his wealth and splendor. The archaeological site of Pompeii is a testament left by the civilization, not to forget it and at the end of the visit, you will leave almost thrilled by what we could see of those lives going back to two thousand years ago.

Herculaneum in Latin Herculaneum, it is the other city located at the foot of Vesuvius completely destroyed by the eruption of AD 79, but that, like Pompeii, preserved a great historical treasure, art and architecture. Unlike Pompeii it was not buried by lava and ash, but by lava mixed with mud, this allowed a better conservation of the ancient Roman polis: from furniture to wooden structures housing, as well as floors, mosaics, frescoes, sculptures and amphorae. Precisely due to the discovery of these amazing special was possible to reconstruct the lifestyle, customs and traditions, as well as citizens of the habits of the time.

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