Excursion Caserta and Cassino

The Tour of Caserta and Cassino follows a historic route, adventurer and quite charming. The journey begins in Caserta with its majestic eighteenth-century palace, designed by Vanvitelli by Charles III of Bourbon to celebrate the European importance of the Kingdom of Naples. Its beauty is known all over the world, so any description could be reductive. You must visit it.

Inside, thousands of rooms and halls make it up, each beautifully furnished with beautiful silks of San Leucio Factories; Not to mention the park with its spectacular effects of the fountains. Over a length of about 3 km follow each fish ponds, pools and fountains, culminating in the Great Waterfall, embraced by an elegant lawn. The tour continues in Caserta at a time of Casertavecchia, a perfectly preserved medieval village, whose streets and stone houses drag visitors to distant eras. Here, a view of the Royal Palace is lovely and Vesuvius in the background gives a picture postcard.

In addition, the itinerary, if required, can be integrated with a visit to the Abbey of Monte Cassino situated on a hill 90 km from Caserta. The Abbey, founded by St. Benedict of Norcia, throughout the Middle Ages was a lively center of culture, with its libraries, its archives, the writers and illumination schools who transcribed and preserved many works of antiquity. Seriously damaged by earthquakes, looting and bombing during the World Wars, it was rebuilt several times and thanks to the bibliographical documents survived the historical events, it was possible to reproduce the exact original architecture that we see today. In addition, adjacent to the Abbey of Monte Cassino, there are the war cemeteries, where about 30,000 soldiers are buried. A place of great historical interest, civic and human.

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